Money, Passion and the Pursuit of Significance

February 17, 2015

time-talents-treasure A while back, we shared a post about why we do what we do at Compass Financial Group. We explained that we want to help people build wealth with a purpose. Today, we want to talk a bit more about how you can find that purpose and create significance in your life and in the world.

What's Your Passion?

Recently, our firm president, Mark Menges, spoke to a group of Ohio church leaders. He talked to this group about how we can align our material wealth with our personal passions, as well as how we can turn those passions into something larger than ourselves.

First, Mark shared his own story about how, just over a decade ago, he and his family had a transformational experience working with the homeless. That single experience was a springboard to other exciting projects in the community, including the Lighthouse Mission, which Mark founded and which provides transitional housing and ministry to help people rebuild their lives. (You can read more about Mark's story here.)

Mark discovered his passion in the Lighthouse Mission project. As a firm, we want to help you find your life's passion and then help you use the resources you have to support the causes you are most passionate about.

Time, Talent and Treasure

We believe that pursuing significance involves using three things that we all have, though in different amounts at different points in our lives:

  • Time
  • Talent
  • Treasure

What makes each of us unique is how we combine those three things with our individual passions, and then how we take that passion and transform it into something bigger than ourselves. But how do you do that? How can you best use all of your resources to make a difference in the world while also building a secure and stable life for yourself and your family?

You can begin by asking yourself a few questions:  

  • What is truly important in my life?
  • What am I passionate about?
  • Where do I want to have impact?

Your answers to these questions will be unique to you. That's because all giving is personal—or it should be. Whether you are sharing your time, your talent or your treasure, your gift will have more meaning to you if it matches up with your unique passion, whatever that may be.

Once you've identified what you're passionate about and where you want to have an impact, you can go about deciding what you have to give today. That's where Compass Financial Group comes in. We can help you develop a plan for giving back that fits with your situation today and that evolves over time as your life changes.

Catching a Vision

So often, the giving we do is routine. We may give our money or our time because we have always done so or because it's expected of us. Those gifts are important, of course—they're vital to sustaining our churches, schools and community organizations. But giving can be so much more than that. When you "catch a vision" and your giving is perfectly aligned with your passions, the sharing of your time, talent and treasure can be a path to a more joyous, fulfilled life. To borrow the words of Tony Robbins: "Only those who have learned the power of sincere and selfless contribution experience life's deepest joy: true fulfillment."