Wealth In Motion

Principles of an Effective
Estate Planning Strategy

When it comes to estate planning most advisors focus solely on trying to minimize the expected future tax liability. Often, this results in complex, complicated and expensive strategies with irrevocable consequences.

However, we believe that the first thing you should consider is your desires as they relate to your intended recipients, i.e., family members and charities. With those specific desires identified we believe your focus should follow the principles outlined below:

  • It's easy to understand
  • It's low cost to initiate and administrate
  • It promotes growth and is not limited to conserving or freezing the estate
  • It works regardless of changing socioeconomic conditions (income and estate tax laws; stock market fluctuations; interest rate fluctuations; and other changes)
  • You still feel you have complete control over your assets
  • It provides benefits while you are alive; not just after you're gone
  • You maintain ample liquidity within your estate strategy
  • It helps reduce current and future income taxes
  • It's a “win” for you, your spouse, your children, your heirs and your charities
  • Uses an Econometric Model which (a) maximizes desired estate options, (b) minimizes opportunity costs and (c) organizes your financial life
  • Provides various economic benefits within the strategy; not just estate tax planning
  • Provides for the monitoring of your estate strategy with care, concern, and an attention to your family’s interests