Wealth In Motion

Wealth In Motion™ (WIM) is a revolutionary financial tool.

Wealth In Motion is a financial simulator which allows you to view your complete financial position. By inputting your personal financial information into this simulator Compass Financial Group can then play your PERSONAL FINANCIAL MOVIE™. The Wealth In Motion simulator is the most powerful financial tool available today. With just a few simple changes in the input data, you will be able to answer questions such as:

  • How to pay for college?
  • How to pay for your child's wedding?
  • What to do if one of you becomes disabled?
  • What happens if you or your spouse dies too soon?
  • Did you get the right mortgage?
  • Will you have enough money for retirement?
  • What money should you spend first in retirement?
  • Will you run out of money if you live too long?
  • When should you take Social Security and what options are most beneficial?
  • Should you take a single life annuity or the 100% joined survivor of pension benefit?

What effects will taxes, inflation, lifestyle changes, long-term care, planned obsolescence and technological changes have on you now and after retirement?

At Compass Financial Group, our sole objective is to help you reach your full financial potential by gaining knowledge of wealth eroding factors and developing strategies to mitigate them. We believe all of our clients deserve greater returns, less risk and more control with NO ADDITIONAL out-of-pocket costs.