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Your money allows you to fulfill your passions and achieve your goals – your “why”.
Our mission is to understand your “why” and help you achieve it – that’s our “why”.

At Compass Financial Group we realize your money is important, but it’s the purpose it serves that truly matters most to you and your family.

We experienced an “A-HA!” moment when viewing Simon Sinek’s TED talk about understanding and explaining one’s “why” – who they are as a person or as a company, and what they want to give to others.  We love doing what we do because we each feel a great sense of fulfillment when we help others live better. 


Our firm was founded to help our clients build wealth with a purpose. Your purpose.

We feel that so many of the conversations about money in our society place far too much emphasis only on how to get it, and not enough about how you plan to pursue your life’s purpose through its use.  While wealth accumulation and preservation provide a means to an end, they are not the end themselves.

You may know your “why”, but not have the right financial partner to help you achieve it.  Or you could have a wealth manager whose strategy is focused toward an unknown purpose, because they are only focused on building your wealth, instead of the reason for it.

At Compass Financial Group we focus on strategies that fit your goals, values, and passions.  It’s the guiding principle behind everything we do as a firm.

We’re okay with the fact that not everyone shares our vision about wealth.  We know there are many potential clients that DO understand our “why” and you may be one of them.


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